About the organisers

Paul Mitchener has been living in Sheffield since 2007, and playing roleplaying games since the 1980s. He flits from favoured game to favoured game like a dilettante butterfly. Current favourites include The One Ring, Gumshoe, various Fate hacks including his own, and Wordplay. He’s written and co-written supplements for some of these. He believes that cats regard him as a minor deity, but it does him little good. He does not normally talk about himself in the third person, so he found writing this piece a little bit weird.

Graham Spearing has been messing about with pen and paper roleplaying games since before you were born. He did a lot of FGU in the 80s but has since made a full recovery. Current favourite roleplaying games include Shadows of Esteren, The One Ring, Traveller, lots of Fate, Dungeon World and shelves more. Graham is the author of the Wordplay RPG, and co-authored Age of Arthur with Paul Mitchener.  He organises the annual Furnace RPG convention as well as this one. He’s quite nice.

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